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Personal Injury Litigation

The law firm has been highly successful and has an extensive record in obtaining successful resolutions for motor vehicle accident cases, Tort Claims against municipalities, cities and other government agencies.


Commercial Litigation


The firm represents local, regional, and national providers of goods and services relating to the payment, non-payment, and the negotiation of commercial contracts involving UCC related areas of disputes.


Personal Injury Protection Arbitrations and related litigation


The firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of New Jersey medical providers engaged in the treatment of motor vehicle accident patient.s  The firm specializes in the representation of medical providers engaged in Personal Injury Protection benefits and issues involving medical necessity, causality, and reimbursement.


Insurance Fraud Defense


The firm has extensive litigation experience in the defense of providers accused of Insurance Fraud, RICO violations, and common law breach of contract issues in both State and Federal Court.


Guardianship and Family Law

The firm has extensive experience relating to the appointment of Guardianships and other tools to enable families to protect their loved ones ans spouses. 

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